3D Print Removal Tool from ToyBuilder Labs

3D Print Removal Tool from ToyBuilder Labs
3D Print Removal Tool from ToyBuilder Labs 3D Print Removal Tool from ToyBuilder Labs 3D Print Removal Tool from ToyBuilder Labs (click images to enlarge)
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Description of 3D Print Removal Tool from ToyBuilder Labs

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Manufacturer Description

A great tool to go with your 3D printer -- the long, flexible blade is rounded, making it safer for kids, effective with large printed items, and minimizes damage to the printing surface.

The thin blade is a convenient feeler gauge for setting a consistent gap between the nozzle and print bed. If you have been tramming (leveling) your heated print bed with a piece of paper, your fingers will thank you!

The thicker neck is useful for removing rafts and for trimming off supports.

To remove prints off the bed, work the edge of the tool under a corner of the print, approximately half way between the tip of the blade and the handle. Next, use a sawing motion to get the tool under the rest of the print to separate it from the bed. Tilting or twisting the blade slightly will help speed up the lifting of the print. When tilting the blade, twist the handle counter-clockwise if you're working from the right side of the print. (If you are left-handed and starting from the left, twist the tool clockwise.)

If you cannot get the blade under the print to start, bring the left edge of the tool against a right-side corner of the print and twist the handle clockwise. Repeat until the corner lifts up enough to allow the blade to start getting under the print.

If the print is firmly stuck to the print bed, try pushing the tool so that the handle is closer to the print. This brings the thicker part of the blade (closest to the handle) under the object and acts as a wedge to help pry the part up. Wiggle the blade loose and repeat.

If the print is stuck too firmly to remove with the tool, you may need to slightly increase your starting nozzle elevation. The idea is to have the print stick firmly to the bed during printing, but still be removable with the tool.

See product's website for more usage information.

Product Features

Rounded edge is safer and less likely tear print bed tape. Speeds removal of parts from print bed. Useful to pop prints off the bed, and to scrape off stuck-on plastic. An essential addition to your 3D Printer Tool Kit. 120-mm long flexible blade helps to reach underneath large prints